Monday, 16 April 2012

Tips on Getting Motivated

There are times when one can feel totally demotivated and stuck in a slump. Work suffers. Attendance is poor. Relationships sour. Things go bad. For some unlucky fellows this can be a daily curse, and go on for years (read: decades).

One can, in these situations, have all the best intentions and desires, even the know-how and means available to attain a goal. But one vital ingredient is missing...

"Money was never a big motivation for me, except as a way to keep score. The real excitement is playing the game."
- Donald Trump

Motivation is not a subject we, as a species, understand. We are getting closer all the time, but we don't have enough of a handle on it to implement a technological marvel that will keep us all one hundred percent motivated all of the time.

For now, we are on our own.

Each of us face this battle, and some of us are doing much better than others.

A five year old can run an international corporation from one of the world's tallest skyscrapers, which he built, write bestselling books on a variety of yoga, and still find the time to maintain a network of seven thousand friends, and research ridiculously new flavours of ice cream... and go sailing... and find out what nootropics are.

Whilst another person can struggle to rationalise the need for speech.

Is a lack of motivation just plain laziness?


And no.

Does it matter?

What really matters is that when you want motivation, it's there.

Tip #1: Your mind is not your friend

If you are not getting on with your work, something is stopping you. If it is not an electrified titanium cage, or traffic, then it's probably your mind.

"But I've already worked so hard... yesterday..."

"There's still enough time to do nothing... Even if there isn't, there is... somewhere... Space and Time are one..."

"My foot hurts..."

Your mind can be your best friend, but when it's taking you to places other than where you want to go, it's your nemesis.

Tell it to shut up, because you don't believe the lies anymore...

Tip #2: Your body is your bitch

Sure, you stuff all kinds of crap into it, throw it out of aeroplanes, force it to remain motionless on leather furniture for extended periods of time, and constantly ignore it... But it's always there for you.

It loves you and wants to help.

So how do you get your body to do your work for you?

Simple really. Get some exercise. A daily routine is best. Something to get the juices flowing. Increase your body strength.

This will generate a currency called Health, which has a fantastic rate of exchange with Getting Things Done.

Even if you don't get so much Health in the beginning, you'll feel better. And that's what we're really aiming for here.

If you can't even get the motivation to do any exercise, then try this little trick. Stand up and get yourself into a powerful posture. Chest out, chin up, shoulders back. Straighten that back.

Boss pose, revealed by science to make you feel like a boss, ready to get things done.



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