Saturday, 12 May 2012

5 ways to be happy at work

Being happy at work is a choice

Being happy at work is a choice, and you can chose to be happy at work. Sounds simple, but things that are simple are often difficult to put into practice. Some people may not have the best employer in the workd, for example, which makes being difficult at work hard. Try to think positively about your work. Consider the aspects of your work that you like. Do not spend time with negative people, or partake in gossip. Find people you like and enjoy and work, and spend your time with them. The choices you make at work define your expeirnece. Being happy at work is very much a choice.

Enjoy the things you do at work on a daily basis

Maybe you enjoy or love your current job, and maybe you don't. Maybe you think that there is something in your current job to love, or maybe you don't. Look at yourself, your abilities and hobbies, and look for a thing that you can enjoy doing on a daily basis. Doing something you love ever day can make your workload lighter than it may appear to be. If this is impossible, it may be time to consider moving on to another job.

Take responsibility for personal and professional growth

Recently someone complained to me that they did not feel their employer was doing enough to help them develop. I asked who they though was responsible for or most interested in her development. You - not your employer or co-workers - are the person with the most to gain by developing. Take responsibility for growth. If you don't, you could lose so much more by standing still.

Know what is happening at work

People complain that they never get enough communication as to what is happening with the place they are working, or the people they work with. Passive people will wait to be filled in by others. This is a bad habit, and you should try to seek out the information you need to work effectively. Build a network of information, and use it often. Request information regularly from your boss.

Get feedback often

People often say that they don't receive feedback often enough. This is down to them. Ask your employer for feedback. Tell them that you'd really like to have assessments of the work you do. Customers and co-workers are also valid sources for feedback, so that you can assess your contribution and your performance at work. You are responsible for you own development.


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