Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Creativity at work

In today's economic climate, workplaces are going through a phase of excessive rightsizing and downsizing. We're all having to do more with less, so how do we stay ahead of our workload whilst remaining relatively sane? 
There are a lot of answers to this question but few are as fun as being creative. Using your creativity to work for you can allow you do to more with less and shine out like you never have before.
Not everyone is overly creative, but everyone can be creative to some extent or another. Interestingly enough you're probably creative in your everyday life without really thinking about it. Creativity helps us problem solve on and ongoing basis, and everything from waking up in the morning to making a cup of coffee can exploit our creative minds when we're not aware that it's happening. Put simply, if you're breathing, you're probably quite creative.
Creative thinking - as well as problem solving and innovation - are things you shouldn't take for granted, so here's 10 hand ways you can get the most of your creativity in the workplace.
1.) Use your personal values, things that interest you and the skills you have to express your opinions, and make your contributions stand out.
2.) Don't force expression; use the unique things that make you who you are to express yourself naturally.
3.) Customise your work environment and your clothes in such a way that speaks about you as a person.
4.) Speak and write in a way that reflects you as a person. You don't always need to use corporate bore-talk to get your point across!
5.) Use the way you work to express who you are. Everyone does everything differently, so use your unique approaches to problems as a way of expressing your personality.
6.) Bring your hobbies, interests and "at home" personality to influence the way you work.
7.) What makes you passionate? What hobbies do your put the most energy into? What do you commit yourself to? Take all three to work with you and put them to work for you.
8.) All creative acts begin with a conception. Make sure you capture your workplace conceptions as they come, as they can have a big impact on how you work.
9.) All creative acts develop through incubation. Make sure you give yourself some time to follow your creative impulses, so that you don't get too bogged down by your responsibilities.
10.) All creative acts end with a birth. Make sure you see your creativity through to completion, and you'll feel all the better for it.


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