Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Top 5 places to work

We're all looking for the best working experience we can possibly have, and part and parcel of that is identifying companies that are the best to work for. Recently FORTUNE published a list of the top 100 companies to work for in the US, and here are the top 5 companies to work for in that list!

1. Google

Google is perhaps the best known Internet-age company in the world, with a market profile that everyone who ever uses a computer is subject to. Starting out as a basic search provider in the late 90s, Google has quickly grown to offer services including email, online document writing, social networking, mobile and desktop software as well as their well known AdSense and AdWord services. Google promises some of the largest pay checks, best benefits and most entertaining working environments in the world!

2. Boston Consulting Group

You've probably never heard of BCG unless your in the consultation industry. BCG is perhaps one of the world most well known and leading management consultation firms, valued at a whopping  $3.5 billion. It has worked with some of the world most well known companies and has some impressive names on its list of former and current employees, including CEOs of big names like General Electric, Pepsi and News Corporation. Obviously its employees are one of the most valuable assets it has, so if you land a job here you can look forward to some of the highest pay slips in the industry as well as impressive benefits to boot.

3. SAS Institute

SAS Institute is a big name software developer in the US, perhaps one of the largest in the world. Formed in 1976 to produce statistical analysis software, SAS has diversified over the years but still maintains its bread and butter through SA software. As a leader in its field, it rewards its employees with some of the most impressive benefits of any company.

4. Wegmans Food Markets

Wegmans Food Markets is a chain of up-market food outlets in the united states. With over 75 stores, it isn't the largest of grocery chains but it is perhaps the most attractive. And unlike competitors such as Walmart and Safeway, Wegmans rewards its employees handsomely for their hard work and effort.

5. Edward Jones

Edward Jones is one of those evil investment firms that saw much negative publicity over the last few years, but it escaped the 2008 financial crisis without a single lay off. It moved forward, arguably powering through its competitors, and worked hard to keep its staff safe from the perils of financial uncertainty. As managing partner Jim Weddle controversially said: "it's a great time not to be a bank, or to be owned by one."


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